Wood to FRP Conversations

Historically, industrial cooling towers have most commonly been constructed with pressure treated wood. In the early 2000’s, fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) was introduced as a potential replacement material for pressure treated wood. FRP offered a lighter, more durable option for cooling tower structural construction that would potentially lengthen or extend a cooling tower's service life. For applications with poor water quality and chemicals that may corrode FRP, another fiberglass reinforced product, vinylester (VE) has been introduced.

Over the past 15 years, ICT has replaced approximately 450 cells of pressure treated wood cooling towers with FRP across the US and Canada. These structural replacements have been completed on a combination of counterflow and crossflow towers at petrochemical facilities, power plants, refineries and numerous other industrial facilities. The conversions have been completed with a variety of construction methods including online cell by cell replacement, cell by cell replacement with temporary cooling towers, demolition and reconstruction during scheduled outages or off-peak operating seasons.

Experience in conversion of the following Wood OEM Tower Types to FRP:

  • Marley Series 400, 500, 600 and 700 Cooling Towers
  • Marley Sigma, Series 10 and 15 Cooling Towers
  • ICT Cooling Towers
  • Ecodyne Cooling Towers
  • GEA Cooling Towers
  • Lillie-Hoffman Cooling Towers
  • PSI Cooling Towers
  • Cooling Tower Depot Cooling Towers
  • Fluor Cooling Towers
  • Pritchard Cooling Towers
  • Hamon Cooling Towers

Conversion Methods

Online Replacements:

Online replacements enable ICT to complete a wood to FRP conversion while the existing cooling tower is operational, or alternatively with the use of rental cooling towers. ICT completes the wood to FRP through cell isolation and scaffold support of any necessary water distribution or electrical systems.

Demolition and Reconstruction:

Completed during short term turnarounds or long term outages. ICT provides a turnkey solution including all components of project management and reconstruction of the cooling tower in FRP during the allotted timeframe.