BIC Magazine article, Jan 2017

On-line cooling tower upgrades are a win-win scenario

With the introduction of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) as a replacement product for pressure-treated wood in the cooling tower industry, International Cooling Tower (ICT) has completed numerous conversions with construction practices that minimize site and operational downtime or disruption. These practices have enabled ICT customers to replace aged wood cooling towers near the end of their service life, both economically and on schedule, minimizing production impacts.

“Our core belief is that educating our customers on the value of cooling tower maintenance and reconstruction for extended service life is fundamental to success, both for our customers and our company,” said ICT Director of Engineering Brad Vickers. “ICT’s engineering and construction groups are constantly refining products and work practices through partnerships with two top-level universities, keeping our innovation on the leading edge of the cooling tower industry.”

Welcome to on-line replacements

On-line partial or full replacements enable ICT to complete a conversion or replacement while the existing cooling tower is operational or, alternatively, with the use of rental cooling towers. From ICT customers’ perspectives, they realize tremendous advantages for on-line replacement or conversions, including: • Plant operation can be maintained at near full production by completing work during cooler ambient conditions.

  • Ability to distribute costs over multiple budget cycles.
  • Flexibility to optimize crew size for more productivity while ensuring safety culture is maintained.
  • Scope of work can be easily modified to fit changing conditions.
  • Completing work on line reduces customer shutdown infrastructure

ICT completes each wood-to-FRP upgrade through the cell isolation and scaffold support of any necessary water distribution and/or electrical systems. ICT recently completed a very successful four-cell wood-to-FRP on-line replacement, which included upgrading a 35-year-old tower’s structural design to meet current hurricane requirements. A safe work platform was installed above the basin to keep construction debris from entering the circulating system, with absolutely no effect on plant production. Since the tower’s auxiliary components were retained (lighting, motor cabling, communication and piping), ICT significantly reduced the number of craft required to complete the project.

ICT expands offices for U.S. sales, management staff

ICT continues to grow and expand while remaining focused on exceptional customer service. As its existing Houston construction office is fully stocked with materials and personnel and is bursting at the seams, the company has now added an administrative office for its U.S. sales and management staff. ICT’s new office is located at 4460 Hwy 225, Suite 180 in Deer Park, Texas, and will be opening Jan. 1, 2017.

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